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  • Fishing in the National Park Region

    Every angler’s dream: fly fishing!
    The Möll river is considered a superb place for fly fishing because its waters are so clear. Arguably no region in Carinthia other than the National Park Region provides such ideal conditions for this noble form of fishing.

    Our Region offers a multitude of angling opportunities. Take a look for yourself:

    Fishing waters: Gössnitzbach stream, Upper and Lower Möll rivers
    Species of fish: brown trout, char, rainbow trout, grayling
    Price: €45 for a day ticket
    Contact and ticket sales: Hotel Glocknerhof: +43(0)4824/2244

    Fishing waters: a paradise for fly fishing on fantastic stretches of water:
    Möll river: Winklern - Lainach and Großkirchheim - Heiligenblut
    Zirknitzbach stream and Lake Kegelesee: Döllach
    Information: Fürstauer Fischerei: +43(0)664/5021 970

    Fishing waters: for fly fishing: a 4 km stretch of the Möll river, from the mid- “Staller
    Anger” to the confluence with the Klenitzbach stream in Gössnitz.
    For anglers who prefer lake fishing: Lake Gössnitz, surface area 16 hectares
    Price: €30 for a day ticket (€26 for visitors staying in the municipality of Stall)
    Permitted catch: 4 game fish (trout and grayling)
    Contact: Gemeindeamt Stall: +43(0)4823/8100

    Fishing waters: Fishing reach A, Möll Valley Brown Trout Anglers’ Association; the Tresdorf bridge marks the upper limit, the reach ends at the Eggele bridge in Stall (at the sports ground). The fish population ranges from young grayling to specimens over 40 cm long. After grayling, brown trout is the most common species. Now-and-again a rainbow trout rises to the bait.
    Price: €60 for a day ticket. On any one day a maximum of 4 tickets is issued.
    Permitted take: catch and release
    Contact: Gasthof Dorfschenke: +43(0)4823/8102, or
    All-inclusive offers: Fishing in the Möll river

    Fishing waters: The Kärntner Elektrizitäts AG’s salmonidae water provides fishing on both banks of the Möll river for 18km, from the confluence with the Gößnitzbach stream to the village of Penk. A day ticket also covers fishing in the Teuchlbach stream (4 km).
    Price: €55 for a day ticket (fly fishing only!)
    Permitted catch: 4 salmonidae fish
    Contact: Flattach Tourist office: +43(0)4785/615

    Fly fishing here is reserved exclusively for guests of “3 Gämsen” House.
    Information: contact Peter Sterz: +43(0)4784/396

    Fishing waters: Obervellach provides an 18km fishing reach along both banks of the Möll river and 4km of the Teuchlbach stream. The waters are populated by brown trout and rainbow trout as well as grayling.
    Price: €55 for a day ticket (fly fishing only!)
    Permitted catch: 4 salmonidae fish
    Contact: Obervellach Tourist office: +43(0)4782/2510

    Fishing waters: The “Gradnitzer” fishing reach extends from the Trebisch bridge
    in Kolbnitz to the stretch beyond the Rottau reservoir.
    Fish species: brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, char
    Price: on request (only a limited number of tickets are issued)
    Contact: Mag. Gert Gradnitzer: +43(0)650/4706 077

    Fishing waters: The Auenback fishing reach starts at the south-eastern fringe of Mühldorf and flows down to join the Möll river after about 2km, just before the village of Möllbrücke.
    Price: €11 for a day ticket
    Permitted catch: 2 fish per day
    Contact: Gemeinde Mühldorf: +43(0)4769/2285

    Information & prices:
    The Seiser family, Alpenhotel Pflügelhof
    9854 Malta, Koschach, Tel: +43(0)