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    The joy of summer

      Climbing in the National Park

      The Malta valley is among the best and most significant primary rock climbing areas in Austria. Exciting new routes are continually being established on the best rock and in a fabulous setting. But also worth a visit are the “climbing garden” on the Danielsberg in the Möll valley, near the Reißeck funicular, as well as the new climbing centre in the vicinity of the Arthur-von-Schmid House!

      Our “climbing gardens”:

      • Malta valley: more than 200 routes, III-X (Topo Kreuzwand/Malta valley)
      • Danielsberg: about 30 routes, IV - IX
      • Reißeck hut: 12 routes, III-VI (Topo Seekopf)
      • Arthur-von-Schmid House climbing centre: about 50 routes, III-IX (Topos)
      • Innerfragant “climbing garden”: about 20 tours, III - VII+


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