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    The joy of summer

      Nature all around: Freeriding

      Like skiing on clouds! One of the most breathtaking freeride arenas in the eastern Alps extends around Carinthia’s highest skiing enjoyment, the three top ski regions Grossglockner/Heiligenblut, Mölltaler Gletscher and Ankogel!

      Guaranteed powder snow, an altitude of up to 3,122 m and lots and lots of free skiing space with nature all around away from the well prepared pistes: this is freeriding in the Hohe Tauern!

      Our tip: the magic of powder snow
      Our freeride tours are led by top experts and will open up three of the most breathtaking deep snow descents in the whole of the eastern Alps to you:

      Off-piste adventure: Freeriding in Grossglockner/Heiligenblut
      Intoxicating freedom: Freeriding on the Mölltaler Gletscher
      New age adventurers: Freeriding on the Ankogel

      The freeride areas
      Grossglockner-Heiligenblut: Secured skiing routes, freeride sectors and freeride checkpoints, plus guided freeride tours
      Mölltaler Gletscher and Ankogel: Cross-border tours with your own ski tour map, plus guided freeride tours

      Click here for outdoor offers for adventurers and Ski Plus offers for explorers and connoisseurs who want to enrich their skiing holiday with some fascinating experiences off-piste.

      Individual advice: Freeriding off-piste is wonderful – but there are also risks lurking, such as avalanches! Let us advise you: +43 (0) 4824 2700.


      Hohe Tauern - die Nationalpark-Region in Kärnten
      Hof 4 | 9844 Heiligenblut am Großglockner
      Tel.: +43(0)4824/2700