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    The joy of summer

      The Card’s top 10 destinations

      The TOP 10 destinations of the National Park Kärnten Card:
      Probably the best guest card in Austria, it guarantees you the most attractive holiday adventures for not much money!

      * Grossglockner High Alpine Road
      The most beautiful Panorama road in the Alps

      * National Park Hikers’ bus

      * Grossglockner moutain railway
      Panorama railways under the spell of the Großglockner

      * Reisseck funicular
      A funicular of superlative status: up to the highest railway in Europe

      * Ragga gorge
      One of the most impressive natural gorges in the Alps

      * Malta High Alpine Road
      One of the most spectacular alpine roads

      * BIOS National Park Centre, Mallnitz
      Discover hidden wonders

      * National Park swimming pools
      Get cool on hot days

      * Kreuzeck mountain railway
      Up into a family-friendly hiking area

      * Mölltaler glacier railway
      Adventure 3000

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