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    National Park Kärnten Card: a family holiday

    National Park Kärnten Card: A family holiday

    8-day tour including the National Park Kärnten Card (valid for the whole family)
    Boredom free zone! Gold panning in the mining village and cable car rides to above 3.000m and much, much more…

    • 7 nights including the use of the National Park Kärnten Card
    • National Park Kärnten Card for each family member (DOB not earlier than 2000)
      + Free travel on the Großglockner high alpine road
      + Free travel on the region’s impressive mountain railways which can reach over 3.000m
      + Free access to outdoor and indoor swimming pools
      + Interactive research fun in the exciting BIOS National Park Centre in Mallnitz
      + Free tickets to museums and exhibitions, like the rock crystal or Tauerngold exhibitions + Overwhelming nature reflected in the stunning natural gorges, like the Ragga or Groppensteinschlucht
      + 50% discount on the national park bus service and dozens more inclusive benefits and bonus offers in Carinthia
    from € 799.- Inn/guest house with half board
    National Park Kärnten Card: all included

    National Park Kärnten Card: All included

    2 to 7 days including the National Park Kärnten Card. Plan your ideal holiday with Austria’s best guest card. Access to Großglockner’s high alpine road and free admission to around 100 other destinations.

    Choose from:

    • 2 to 7 nights in a chosen category
    • National Park Kärnten Card
      + Including access to the Großglockner high alpine road (access is free when booking 3 or more nights. When booking 2 nights access is offered at the special price of € 10,-)
      + Free access to the region’s most impressive mountain railways, some of which reach up to more than 3,000m
      + Free access to outdoor and indoor swimming pools
      + Interactive research fun at the BIOS National Park Centre Mallnitz
      + Free tickets to museums and exhibitions such as the rock crystal or Tauern gold exhibition
      Overwhelming views over stunning natural gorges like the Ragga or Groppensteinschlucht
      + A 50% ticket discount for the national park bus service
      … and inclusive access to dozens of other bonus destinations in Carinthia

    from € 79.- Inn/guesthouse with half board (2 nights)
    Further holiday offers

    Holiday themes

    National Park Hiker's Bus: We drive, you hike!

    National Park Hiker's Bus: We drive, you hike!

    We present Austria's best holiday mobility service. The national park hikers’ transfer shuttle bus will take you to the region’s most beautiful destinations, to all of the Alpe-Adria trail stages and to ALL of the “Magic Moments” guided tours. Comfortable, exciting, climate-friendly and reasonably priced, the national park hikers’ bus is in service from the 18th of June 2015 until the 13th of September 2015. Bus passes can be purchased directly online. Click here to access your online shopping cart.

    Culinary delights

    Enjoy the National Park’s culinary delicacies! Glockner Lamm, Mölltal Almkäse or Gamsbratl: The "Culinary Delights" project is aimed at raising the culinary profile of the region thanks to new and innovative ideas created by local landlords and chefs.

    An environmentally-friendly train ride to the National Park

    An environmentally-friendly train ride to the National Park

    A wonderfully convenient, fast and environmentally-friendly train journey will take you, stress-free, to Hohe Tauern, Carinthia’s national park region. The scenic Tauernbahn railway will give you a taste of the dream holiday which awaits you in the villages between the Grossglockner mountain and Weissensee. The closer you get to your destination, the more impressive the view becomes. We advise our German guests to book the reasonably-priced Deutsche Bahn RIT ticket directly from us. This way you can save up to 50% on the normal ticket price.

    Wasserfall- und Schluchtenwandern: der Jungfernsprung

    Waterfalls and gorges walking tours

    For millions of years the elemental force of water has moulded and shaped the mountainous landscape of the Hohe Tauern! In the process it has left behind for us masterpieces of the Creation: waterfalls plummeting down into the valleys over sky-high rock faces and through deep and mysterious gorges.

    Mountain biking in the realm of the Großglockner

    Scarcely any other mountain in the Alps offers such a marvellous setting for extended mountain bike tours as the Großglockner. Mountain bikers can choose between more than 26 day tours ranging from easy to difficult, and totalling 755km in length, with an altitude difference of 25,900m.

    Further holiday themes


    The Ragga gorge: a dramatic experience
    Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    The Ragga gorge

    The “Gorge of Gorges”: if you are walking the spectacular walkway through the Ragga gorge for the first time, be prepared for jaw-dropping astonishment. Seeing this natural wonder is an absolute must-must. An unforgettable experience, that is also ideally suitable for families, despite its wild setting.

    Castle tour

    From Obervellach to Burg Falkenstein in Gratschach, along the River Möll. From the Oberfalkenstein castle ruins there is a lovely trail to Pfaffenberg and on to Obervellach ...

    Faul- oder Fallturm

    First mentioned in 1326, the Faulturm tower at "Chuogl" (in a hillside setting at Mullileiten) accommodated the Görz vassals. Later on it was owned by the Counts of Ortenburg and Cilli.

    Seat of the Mining Authorities

    Seat of the Mining Authorities - "Oberstbergmeisteramt"
    With its picturesque arcades the Renaissance building ranks among Obervellach´s most precious secular buildings.

    Town hall "Bruderlade"

    Back in the times of gold mining the town hall was inhabited by the Schlaminger family, who ranked among the most influential mine operators in the Möll Valley, not only in Obervallach, but also in Teuchl and Innerfragant.


    The hamlet of Dürnvellach features an abandoned gold mine, with a number of tunnels still visible to the interested visitor.

    Further places of interest