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    The joy of summer

    The Ragga gorge: a dramatic experience
    Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    The Ragga gorge

    The “Gorge of Gorges”: if you are walking the spectacular walkway through the Ragga gorge for the first time, be prepared for jaw-dropping astonishment. Seeing this natural wonder is an absolute must-must. An unforgettable experience, that is also ideally suitable for families, despite its wild setting.

    Permanent exhibition: Discover hidden wonders!
    Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    BIOS National Park Centre, Mallnitz

    The Mallnitz National Park Centre exhibitions amount to a world of interactive adventures, where there’s always plenty to discover. ‘BIOS’ means ‘life’ but what is life? How did it come into being and where can you find it? At BIOS every visitor becomes a researcher, who can explore the secrets of alpine life in a fun way.

    Goldgräberdorf Heiligenblut: Alles Gold, was da glänzt!
    Kärnten Card Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    Mining village Heiligenblut

    The gold rush will enchant you! Visit the Alps' only gold mining village, in Fleißtal
    near Heiligenblut. Rebuilt to its original state, the small settlement sits on historic
    ground. After visiting the village you can pan for gold in the creek and, if you are lucky, you might even find a small gold nugget.

    The Schmutzerhaus: one of the oldest houses in Mörtschach
    Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    Felt workshop

    If you would like to learn how wool is made into felt, this workshop at the quaint Lader farmhouse near Mörtschach is just the place for you! The workshop lasts about an hour, and at the end of it everybody will hold in their hands their very own work of art.

    Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    Tauern Gold exhibition in the Putzenhof

    Discover a superb treasure and trace the threads of a fascinating myth. It’s the first time that the major hoards of the Hohe Tauern have been collected together in one place. This treasure harbours the secret of the Region’s golden magic, and conveys the mystique and fascination of days long gone.

    Der historische Mautturm in Winklern
    Kärnten Card Nationalpark Kärnten Card

    Winklern Maut Tower

    The "Tauern Crystal Treasure” display at the Winklern Maut Tower will take you into the fascinating world of mountain crystals. The artistically arranged mountain crystals and minerals glow mysteriously in the darkened rooms!

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